Gene Therapy Clinical Research

Alpha Clinics

Connecting Innovation to Clinical Trials

The CIRM-funded Alpha Stem Cell Clinics are a network of top California medical centers. The Network specializes in delivering biotherapeutics to patients participating in and stem cell and gene therapy clinical trials. The key to the Network’s success is the ability to accelerate the delivery treatments to patients through partnerships with patients, medical providers and clinical trial sponsors. These partnerships enable:

  • Patient-centered clinical trials with the highest standards of care and research
  • Strategic collaboration with academic and industry teams developing innovative stem cell therapies
  • Leveraging of resources to promote efficiency, acceleration and increased chances of success.

The Network supports both CIRM-funded and non CIRM-funded clinical trials by academic and industry sponsors. The Network partners include the Stem Cell Center – a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing end-to-end solutions for clinical trial sponsors.

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